Christopher Jones

photo courtesy Emory University

2005 Christopher Jones

Hometown: Stockton, Calif.; now Durham, N.C.

B.S. in biochemistry and molecular biology
M.D., UC San Francisco, 2009

Chris chose to attend UC Davis “based on the coaches’ dedication to maintaining the ‘student’ in student-athlete.” Today, the former Aggie football player is doing his residency in orthopedic surgery at Duke University and helping to care for student-athletes there and elsewhere in North Carolina … credits the rigors of balancing athletics and a demanding major with developing life skills like self discipline and time management … started a tutoring program for fellow Aggie student-athletes: “Seeing people I’ve mentored or tutored go on to accomplish their goals is rewarding.” … wants to give a “shout-out” to now Professor Emeritus Louis Grivetti for being a good mentor … encourages young athletes to “make sure they’re grasping their full potential” on the playing field and in the classroom: “A goal is only out of reach when you start believing it is.” … planning on a fellowship in sports medicine … married.

2009 Tracy Cosgriff

Hometown: San Bruno, Calif.; now Charlottesville, Va. 

B.A. in classical civilization and art history
M.A. in history of art and architecture, University of Virginia, 2012

Tracy travels across thousands of miles and hundreds of years to immerse herself in the art of the Italian High Renaissance. A doctoral student at the University of Virginia, she is studying the art of the painter Raphael and writing her dissertation on his decoration of the “Room of the Signatura” under Pope Julius II … other areas of interest include the role of classical rhetoric in the development of pictorial theory in the Renaissance and the theoretical correspondence between text and image: “It was really my professors at Davis who pushed me to think critically, to take risks intellectually and to enter uncharted waters. The breadth of studies I was able to pursue ignited my passion for research.” … double majored in classics and art history at UC Davis … interned for a semester at the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology in Rome … last fall, examined Raphael’s preparatory drawings at the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford … in summer 2012, is off to London, Madrid, Paris, Rome and other Italian cities for first-hand research on Raphael’s paintings and frescoes aspires to be a university professor and share the passion for learning that Davis professors kindled in her. 

2008 Matthew Holden

Hometown: Sherman Oaks, Calif.; now Ithaca, N.Y.

B.S. in applied mathematics
M.S. in applied mathematics, Cornell University, 2012

Matt had been taking mathematics only to satisfy a graduation requirement. But then a UC Davis program opened his eyes to research, mentoring and other opportunities to use math and computation in biology. Today he’s pursuing a doctoral degree in applied math at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y.: “I definitely owe that program for what my path is and allowing me to explore research.” … he uses mathematical models to study the management of ecological systems: how does computer modeling stack up against human intuition? … Matt creates video games to engage people in science and teach lessons in sustainability, then collects and analyzes data on their behavior … the “Journal of Applied Ecology” in April published the first academic article with him as first author: “It felt good.” … he’s building on his experience as a UC Davis tutor to share the fun and challenge of math with youth. … his thoughts on the medal: “That prize is a really good way of honoring someone’s hard work and encouraging someone along a great path.” 

2007 Ashley Heers

Hometown: Tulare, Calif.; now Missoula, Mont.

B.S. in evolution, ecology and biodiversity and A.B. in geology

Bird-watching is far from recreational for Ashley. She is studying the development and evolution of locomotion in birds and dinosaurs through a doctoral program in avian biology at the University of Montana. She not only observes birds in the wild, she analyzes baby birds’ locomotor performance, creates three-dimensional videos of birds’ skeletons in motion, and haunts museums for information on birds and dinosaurs alike. … Ashley fell in love with research when she did her senior thesis, volunteered at UC Davis’ California Raptor Center and thanks UC Davis for introducing a small-town girl to people from all over the world; read The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down in the inaugural year of a campus book project that aims to foster understanding and respect for different cultures: “Being exposed to a lot of different types of literature and students from different backgrounds has really given me a better appreciation for human life in general.”

2006 Yoel Eli Stuart

Hometown: Cool, Calif.; now Cambridge, Mass.

B.S. in evolution, ecology and biodiversity

Barnacles, marine snails and poison dart frogs have all shared Yoel’s attention as a university student. But it’s a charismatic tree lizard that has captured his heart as he pursues a doctorate in organismic and evolutionary biology at Harvard University. He is investigating the interaction of two species of Anolis lizard — the native green anole and the invasive brown anole — in Florida’s Mosquito Lagoon to ask whether, how and why populations adapt rapidly to novel selection in the wild … thanks Rick Grosberg, Mike Dawson (formerly) and Carole Hom of the Department of Evolution and Ecology for helping him get his feet wet in research … said the community of the Davis Honors Challenge Program “made Davis’ large campus more of a home” … did summer coursework at UC Davis’ Bodega Marine Lab … rowed with the men’s crew team for four years: “That was a great community of friends. Rowing provided an outlet from the rigors of academic life.”

2004 Jaclyn Keegan Pasko

Hometown: Fair Oaks, Calif.; now West Sacramento, Calif.

B.S. in genetics
M.D., UC Davis, 2008

Jaclyn looks after the littlest and most helpless among us. She provides outpatient general pediatric care and clinical care in the newborn nursery at Kaiser Permanente’s Roseville Medical Center: “I have a really strong bond with my families.” … as an undergraduate, she enjoyed the close ties of the Davis Honors Challenge Program; her research groups made recommendations to create an internship at the UC Davis Genome Center and integrate the campus with the first community college center for classes and student services on a UC campus … claims an experience rare among generations of UC Davis students: she saw snow fall on campus on Jan. 28, 2002 … married to Aaron Potnick ‘04, a radiology resident at the UC Davis Medical Center. 

2003 Kyle Craig Pilgeram

Hometown: Morgan Hill, Calif.; now San Jose, Calif.

B.S. in biological systems engineering

A name can say a lot: consider Kyle’s toddler, Gavin Davis Pilgeram. Kyle met Jasmine Churchill ’03 when they worked as resident advisors, and he later proposed to her in her old dorm room: “We knew if we had a boy his middle name would be ‘Davis.’” … found a job in the medical device industry four months after graduation, then — as a panelist at a UC Davis career event 18 months later — he made the contact for his dream job … today, he is manager of concept development for joint preservation at Stryker Corp., where he works with surgeons to develop prototypes for medical devices and bring them to market … one device is changing the way ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, reconstructive knee surgery is being done: more flexible tools allow a surgeon to place the graft in an anatomically correct position … rowed for men’s crew for four years … returns to cheer on the team and talk at career events: “I mostly just want to help the students learn from what I went through.”

2002 Jacqueline M. Teague

Hometown: Chico, Calif.; now Southern California 

B.S. in psychology
M.Ed. in school psychology, UC Santa Barbara, 2005

Jacqueline began her UC Davis studies in mathematics and now teaches the subject at La Costa Canyon High School in Carlsbad, Calif.

2001 Enrique Duarte

Hometown: Daly City, Calif.; now Belmont, Calif.

B.S. in computer science and engineering
J.D., Stanford University, 2006

Enrique’s father was working minimum-wage jobs when he brought his family to the United States for a better life; his dad’s own master’s degree from Mexico went unrecognized. Even so, the Duartes bought a computer to whet Enrique’s appetite for science and math and saved what they could toward his education. Enrique, too, worked hard. Today, he’s an associate in the Silicon Valley law office of Fish and Richardson. … his practice emphasizes patent litigation in computer science and computer engineering, and he has represented big-name companies like Microsoft, Google, Adobe Systems and National Instruments Corp. … “Looking back, I’m proud I managed to climb where I am.” … he values having lived and studied with others in the Integrated Studies Honors Program: “Being in the same dorm with a lot of promising individuals, that was a huge benefit.” … interned as a software engineer with IBM and at graduation went to work as an applications engineer with Intel … first read a law text to see if he’d enjoy the discipline … works with the law firm’s committee to improve diversity … helps select students for scholarships and summer associate positions and participates in minority law association events … married Teresa Zhu ’01 and has two children. 

2000 Marissa Galvin

Hometown: Oakland, Calif.

A.B. in psychology