Elizabeth Adan

photo by Steve E. Miller

1993 Elizabeth Adan

Hometown: Carmichael, Calif.; now San Luis Obispo, Calif.

B.A. in art history
M.F.A. in studio art, UC Santa Barbara, 1997
M.A. in rhetoric, UC Berkeley, 2000
Ph.D. in contemporary art, religion and cultural analysis with a doctoral emphasis in women’s studies, UC Santa Barbara, 2006

Elizabeth mixes a lot together as an academic: art history; feminist, queer, postcolonial and critical race theory; and politics … an assistant professor of art history and an affiliate faculty member of women’s and gender studies at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo … “It was very important for me to receive a comprehensive liberal arts education at a major research university. I was working with faculty doing research in their fields, which exposed me to so many critical approaches to inquiry.” … studied as a fellow in the independent study program at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City … today she focuses on the politics of representation in modern and contemporary art … has published on Colombian-born sculptor Doris Salcedo and is writing about American artist Paul Pfeiffer … recalls UC Davis protests about the First Gulf War: “People my own age — possibly fellow Davis students — were going to be fighting this war. That made it much more real to me.”

1999 Adrienne P. Williams

Hometown: San Jose; now Quechee, Vt.

B.S. in biology, 1999
M.D., Dartmouth Medical School, 2003

Since she was five years old, Adrienne had wanted to be a doctor. Today, she can be found in the operating room as an anesthesiologist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon N.H. She specializes in cardiothoracic and pediatric anesthesiology, including pain control for children. … she also schedules surgery cases and the anesthesia teams assigned to them … she works with more than two dozen residents at the prestigious teaching hospital and was voted runner-up for best teacher in 2010: “That means a huge amount to me, that they’re learning from me, that they’re enjoying the interaction.” … at UC Davis, she sat in on an anatomy class with Dr. Douglas Gross and was awed: “He was so animated. He captured that room of 400 people.” … played backup goalie for the women’s soccer team her freshman year, volunteered as an elementary school teaching assistant and became certified as an emergency medical technician.  

1998 R'lyeh Schanning

Hometown: Elk Grove, Calif.; now Elk Grove, Calif.

Associate in Arts in social studies and Associate in Science in math and science, Sacramento City College, 1995
B.A. in history, UC Davis, 1998
M.A. in education and teaching credential, UC Davis, 2000

Schanning brings a special compassion to his work with high school students experiencing problems at home. He dropped out of high school and began supporting himself at age 16. He was training to be a welder when his boss agreed to work around his schedule and pay for books so he could attend Sacramento City College, where he graduated at the top of his class … was a husband before he transferred to UC Davis and a father before he graduated … a UC Davis internship at a West Sacramento high school confirmed his direction: “‘Okay,’ I thought, ‘This is my calling.’ I could relate to the students who had difficulty in their personal life.” … now a teacher and chair of the math department at Franklin High School in Elk Grove: “I feel blessed every single day to do what I do — the day-to-day interaction with my students that helps them feel successful as students and as human beings who contribute.” … remembers the pleasure of relaxing on the Quad and snacking on Coffee House focaccia with ranch dressing … now has three children.

1997 Jenny Chang

Hometown: Modesto, Calif.; now Sacramento, Calif. 

B.S. in biological sciences
M.D., UC San Francisco, 2001

Jenny has been a primary care doctor since 2004 and tries every day to make life a little better for her patients at Kaiser Permanente’s Sacramento Medical Center: “I find that I am not only a physician but also a diagnostician, technician, counselor, therapist, coordinator of care, teacher, student and friend … every day is a chance to influence someone’s life in a positive way.” … she grew up as the youngest in a family of nine and knew in high school she wanted to be a doctor … “At UC Davis, there were a lot of research opportunities and mentors available to guide and support you.” worked in the research lab of Professor Barbara Horwitz on hormonal and neural changes associated with the development of diabetes … through an internship program, shadowed a doctor and watched surgery at the UC Davis Medical Center: “I did work hard. I knew I had to work hard to get a spot in medical school.” … enjoyed Picnic Day festivities with friends, especially being among the crowds on the Quad and cheering on the dachshunds in the Doxie Derby … married to a UC Davis physician and has two children.

1996 Denise Albert

Hometown: Canyon Country, Calif.; now Pacifica, Calif.

B.S. in biological sciences
M.D., UC San Francisco, 2001

Denise touches lives every day. The psychiatrist helps adults work through difficulties, including women’s mental health issues and childhood trauma … she operates a private practice in the San Francisco area, is affiliated with the Women’s Mood and Hormone Clinic at UC San Francisco Medical Center, volunteers as a faculty member in UCSF psychiatry … had her own life transformed through her UC Davis education … when the American River College student decided on a medical career, the prestigious UC Regents Scholarship helped pay for fees, books and rent: “If it weren’t for the support of that program, I don’t know if I would have been able to go to college.” … remembered the confidence that faculty members Sean Duffey and Marc Learned expressed by inviting her, even as a junior, to do research … the wife and mother of two said we do best when we seek to do better than what we knew: “Education and relationships are the ways I was able to do better for my kids. The person that I am because of my education is drastically different than I would have been … UC Davis has such a fond place in my heart.”

1995 Christina J. Lindstrom

Hometown: Stockton, Calif.; now Los Altos, Calif.

B.S. in mechanical and aeronautical engineering
M.S. in computer science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2003

Chris, who was named an NCAA Division II All-Star student-athlete, ran track and cross-country for the Aggies. She recalls this advice from Coach Sue Williams: “Remember that whatever happens in the race, all of you are going to graduate and have a great life. But this is something we want — let’s go get it!’” Today, Chris is a software developer at Microsoft Corp. in Mountain View, Calif., and works to improve speech recognition for products such as Windows phones … in 2006, she founded Camp Quest West as a place where children of humanists, atheists and skeptics could enjoy the camp experience and find acceptance. The organization blends science and critical-thinking games with traditional outdoor experiences for about 100 campers in Nevada City and the Angeles National Forest. … married.

1994 Maria K. Inglesby

Hometown: Bitburg, Germany; now Fairfield, Calif.

B.S. in textiles and clothing
M.S. in textiles, UC Davis, 1995
Ph.D. in agricultural and environmental chemistry, UC Davis, 2000

Maria may have come a long way to get to UC Davis, but it was like “coming home.” A native of Germany, she was married to a member of the U.S. Air Force stationed at the Bitburg Air Base and already had a business diploma from a German trade school. But a base adviser said she’d need a high school equivalency certificate to work in the United States. After she earned that, she took university classes offered on the base. When Maria and her family moved to California, the mother of two had to petition to be admitted to the textiles and clothing major at UC Davis “I bicycled all my life. To come to a campus that was a bicycling campus was like coming home.” …  after earning her doctorate, she conducted research on the use of rice straw refuse for biomass resources for a federal lab. … now teaches knitting and designs for clients at her Fiber Elements studio: “That’s my passion.” … started a life coaching business four years ago: “To be invited into a person’s life and help them move forward is amazing.”

1992 Aimee L. Edinger

Hometown: San Diego, Calif.; now Irvine, Calif.

B.S. in physiology
V.M.D. and Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1999

Aimee is an associate professor of developmental and cell biology at UC Irvine who, simply put, is trying to find a cure for cancer. Her lab is studying new approaches to selectively starve cancer cells — which need a lot of nutrients — while keeping normal cells safe by counting on their ability to, in a sense, hibernate. … her team is developing therapies that selectively throttle down the proteins that carry nutrients and testing new drugs for leukemia and prostate cancer in mouse models … she took advantage of a lot of opportunities at UC Davis, from spending her junior year in England to living with a diverse mix of students in the Integrated Studies Honors Program: “It was really helpful to making friends.” … worked with veterinary researchers studying altitude’s effects on the exercise physiology of horses and emus … tailored a special study course to do research with Professor Barbara Horwitz and, today, has a lot of students doing the same in her own lab: “One of my motivations is to expose undergraduates to research, because I wouldn’t have done a Ph.D. if I hadn’t had that experience.” … admits to indulging in “giant” cinnamon rolls and fresh juicy strawberries from the Davis Farmers Market … married, with two daughters.

1991 Ellen Astrid Koehler

Hometown: Fair Oaks, Calif.; now Fair Oaks, Calif.

B.A. in history
M.A. in history, UC Davis, 1992
Ph.D. in history, UC Davis, 2002

1990 Doris B. Chin

Hometown: Antioch, Calif.; now Santa Clara, Calif.

B.S. in psychology
M.S. in statistics, UC Davis, 1992
M.S. in genetics, UC Davis, 1995
Ph.D. in genetics, UC Davis, 2000

Doris proudly claims the title of “true-blue” Aggie: Just a few days after handing in her dissertation — for what would be her fourth UC Davis degree — she married fellow Aggie Kevin Rich, Ph.D. ’00, at the county courthouse in Woodland … she’s still pursuing education as a researcher at Stanford University, as part of a group studying how fourth- through eighth-graders learn while teaching a customizable computer cartoon character … the “Betty’s Brain” project has been used by hundreds of school children in the San Francisco Bay Area: “I get to work with kids. I get to work with teachers.” … also developed exhibits and taught classes at the Tech Museum in San Jose … “I was born a geek. I’m interested in everything. I love learning.” … at UC Davis, socialized at the Craft Center and in intramural sports … said living in the dorms helped her meet new people and try new things: “I really, really enjoyed my time at Davis.”